letters from the query wars

# of queries read this week: 204
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 1
genre of partials/manuscripts requested: fantasy

In honor of the holiday….

How queries are like–

–zombies: sometimes they eat your brain

–ghosts: they often aren’t laid to rest until unfinished business has been resolved

–witches: they weigh the same as a duck

–vampires: despite popular mythology, holy symbols have no effect

–werewolves: just when you think you’re getting to know them, they change into something else

–Frankenstein: they’re afraid of fire (and possibly pitchforks)

–bunnies: what do they need such good eyesight for anyway?

–sparklepires: when you meet the right one for you, you’ll know

–Halloween candy: sometimes they’re a trick; sometimes they’re a treat

Anyone have any others?

Happy Halloween!

19 responses to “letters from the query wars

  1. Candy corn: because at first they look festive and yummy, but once you sink your teeth in, they’re not.

  2. Pumpkins: Have to squish through a lot of gunk to find the seeds.
    Costumes: A lot of work for one day.

  3. Mummies: they tend to unravel around the edges.

  4. Fangs: Pointed, and they go straight for the jugular.

  5. bunnies: what do they need such good eyesight for anyway?

  6. Teehee, still laughing about the bunnies.
    Jellybeans – You have to search to find your favorite flavor.
    Bertie Bott’s every flavored beans – Most taste like caterpillar or ear wax, but if you’re lucky, you might just get a honey.

  7. Haunted Houses: What’s inside might scare you off.
    Lisa Iriarte

  8. Bunnies! Yeah, it must be BUNNIES!

  9. I love the bunny line! @=)
    I have my own Halloween list, though it’s an excuse for not writing on Halloween, over at here: http://brandietarvin.livejournal.com/9952.html

  10. Kraken — sometimes there’s just too much to grab hold of
    skinwalkers — just when you think you know what you have, it turns into something bad
    trolls — it starts ugly and never gets better
    succubus — sexy in a way, but nothing you really want to take to bed or have dreams about
    exorcism — a lot of mumbo-jumbo
    the Tooth Fairy — two-bits of short change
    Mina Harkness — a little anemic
    Poe’s Raven — leaves you croaking, “Nevermore”

  11. Frankenstein — Starts off with the best parts but moves slow and ungainly.

  12. Incubus/succubus
    offers you a dream but ends up sucking the life out of you.

  13. How agents are like
    — Mad Scientists- with the flick of a switch and some lightening channeled correctly, they can change your life!

  14. i like the candies thing…its very surprising..
    only 2 passed? awww… now im more than afraid to send to you 😛

  15. Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies! Or maybe midgets…
    That one made me laugh. 🙂

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