link salad (client edition)

* Some interviews with Laura Anne Gilman, author of Flesh and Fire, book 1 of the Vineart Wars: on Romance Bandits (in which the reader discovers the true source of the author’s inspiration for these books) – and – on “rival” Lucienne Diver’s blog, where she talks about changing gears and shifting from urban fantasy to a different type of historical fantasy.

* Ken Scholes is on the B& forums participating in this discussion about his recent release Canticle, the 2nd book in the Psalms of Isaak.

* Amanda Downum reveals the cover of The Bone Palace, sequel to The Drowning City (The Necromancer Chronicles).

* Teresa Wilde continues her October is Zombie month with the psychology of the zombie walk

* Chris F. Holm reports that his story “A Better Life” is now available.

* And Genevieve Valentine has “Light on the Water” at Fantasy Magazine.

* Reviews of “Where the Wild Things Are” (which I hope to find time to go see before it’s out of the theatre): that was my favorite arm (Elizabeth Bear), where the wild things are and aren’t (Mary Robinette Kowal)

2 responses to “link salad (client edition)

  1. Thanks for the link! I confess, this story makes me wince; I think it’s strange that I write horror I’m too big a wuss to read.

  2. zombies are my favorite part of halloween! thanks for the elizabeth bear link. i am reading one of her books right now.

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