other agents talk about time

On Friday’s query wars post, I asked what a person would do with three magically donated extra hours if they were granted them?

Today, Agent Nathan Bransford reports on his mind-numbing email stats for the year so far. I’m not sure how many I’ve sent myself this year, but I know it’s many thousands.

And, Colleen Lindsay laments her well-laid plans for a reading weekend when real life gets in the way.

Like Colleen, I got through about 100 queries this weekend. Like Nathan, I got close to that in this morning’s weekend download. Like both of them, I love my job. But, also like both of them, I have to do mundane things like buy groceries. And I agree that we should have time for hobbies that aren’t necessarily agent-related. Or read a book for fun.

In other agent linkage:

Rachelle Gardner is debunking agent myths today. I was particularly wide-eyed at #2.

And Janet Reid sure lost a heck of a lot of time this weekend.

6 responses to “other agents talk about time

  1. Oh, poor Janet. I can’t believe she got stuck on the tarmac for so long.

  2. Hi, Jennifer, I’ve been reading you for a while (and following links when you post them). Today’s links reminded me to tell newer writers with questions that there are a ton of qualified, helpful folks on the web who have all kinds of interesting information. Reading the right blogs can be like going to publishing grad school every day.
    Thanks for your efforts.

  3. Thank you for the myths. I’d never believe #2, but some days I wonder about #1!

  4. Wow, I am SO glad I’ve never had a problem flying…granted, I haven’t been on a plane in over 10 years, but the worst I got was having my luggage on the next plane home following me, and the airline dropped it off at my house once it arrived. Can’t imagine sitting 6 hours in an aluminum can. O_o

  5. I too never had a problem flying. In fact I look forward to it.But yes, folks I now dread the same. This is Lizzy from Israeli Uncensored News.

  6. I’m on and off topic here- just got a form rejection email from an agent I queried. The email came 8 wks. past the agency’s stated response time and wasn’t even personalized with my name. For a moment I felt a kinship with the angry WTF? emailers who blast agents after a rejection. But then sanity settled in and I remembered everything that’s been said here and I calmed down. (Either than or the endorphins from my morning jog are still working.)
    TGIF all!

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