RIP, Charles Brown

As per too many sources around the blogosphere, Charles N. Brown, founder and publisher of Locus magazine passed away yesterday. Locus reports on it here.

Having just seen him at Readercon this past weekend, it doesn’t quite feel real to me. SFFdom will not be the same without him.

My sympathies to his family and all who cared for him.

3 responses to “RIP, Charles Brown

  1. A lot of good people in the writing / publishing industry are passing away lately. 2008 & 2009 seem to be very obituary heavy compared to previous years.
    Or maybe it’s just that I know more of them than I used to. Still, it does feel odd and a little more than disconcerting.

  2. Very sorry to hear this.

  3. Shocking. I read the news and thought, “Didn’t I just see him at the next table during breakfast?”

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