the future of Kindle?

9 responses to “the future of Kindle?

  1. OMG–that was great.

  2. LOL the best part is the roll of toilet paper. *g*

  3. Ahaha! Thanks for that. 🙂

  4. Ha! Fabulous!
    I assume you already saw this comic?

  5. Bahahahaha. Wow … that is just too awesome. Thanks for the end-of-the-work-day laugh.

  6. ROTFLOL. Thank you for that. I needed the funny today. @=)

  7. Well, Amazon was a pioneer back when the web was wild with open domain fields, so I’m not shocked that they’d find a way to improve on the Kindle.

  8. Thanks, I needed a good laugh. 😉 Hope your weekend goes well!

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