Brenda Novak’s 2009 online auction to benefit diabetes research

Bidding officially opens tomorrow (though it looks like my individual item starts in less than 16 hours).

I offered a proposal critique for a novel last year and will be doing the same this year. The official listing is here. Bidding starts at the bargain price of $2.

At Brenda’s request, a second critique is also being offered as part of one of the raffle selections. The listing is here. The package my critique is bundled with includes an EEE PC, a critique from Brenda, another critique from editor Kate Duffy, and a membership to this year’s RWA National convention (or other conference of the winner’s choice at same price). It looks like those tickets cost $20.

So, you can donate to a worthy cause and get great prizes. Auction starts on May 1st and runs through the month.

Items my clients are offering:
* EPHEMERA Books, Autographed by Anne Bishop
* BLACK JEWEL Books, Autographed by Anne Bishop
* Critique from author Jo Ann Ferguson
* Tote Bag Filled with Books and Goodies from Laura Anne Gilman (includes complete set of Retrievers novels!)
* ARC of Laura Anne Gilman’s Forthcoming Novel FLESH & FIRE (an Oct 09 release) (first book in her new fantasy series)
* Critique from author Jocelyn Kelley
* the complete SG5 series by Alison Kent is included in Genreality Authors Prize Package
* TUCKERIZATION (Your name!) in C.E. Murphy’s 2010 DEMON HUNTS
* Irish Gift Basket from Author C.E. Murphy
* THE LAST VAMPIRE, Autographed Paperback by Patricia Rosemoor and Marc Paoletti
* Gift Basket from Kristine Smith (includes her Jani series books and gourmet goodies)
* Books from Martha Wells: The Wizard Hunters (signed hardcover), Wheel of the Infinite (signed hardcover), Death of the Necromancer (signed hardcover)

Please feel free to link to this, tweet it, etc., and pass it along to others!

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