email, email everywhere and not a drop to drink

I’m back at my office computer after being away from it for 4 days, two of which were the weekend. But that’s the thing about email: It can be sent and sit and wait for your return to download it. So, my inbox went from 13 (which is where it was left at end of business Friday) to 264 (after spam deletions). I also haven’t been reading blogs, etc. and I’m feeling quite out of touch. Isn’t it strange how that kind of contact has become so common place?

Looks like I will need more tea.

11 responses to “email, email everywhere and not a drop to drink

  1. don’t worry–be happy
    Wow. I just queried the other day for two different books. Hope that doesn’t push you over the edge. 🙂
    Have a pleasant week–what’s left of it. Here’s a dozen electronic roses to help see you through:

  2. good tea
    By the way… try some Yogi Tea. They have one called “Kava Stress Relief.” It tastes a little like paint thinner but really takes the edge off.

  3. 264 emails. Yikes! I genuinely feel for you, and I’m sending waves of encouragement to you from across the blogosphere. Good luck!

  4. Mmmm tea. This morning I had a cup of pomegranate green tea with a splash of milk and a spoon of honey. Good stuff. I think I’m going to have to go make myself another cup.
    Best of luck with your inbox overload.

  5. some day – the emails and blogs will just download to your brain and give you the informatoin without you knowing. scary how out of touch we can get in this fast society huh?

  6. Too bad you can’t put submissions into a digest format! 😉

  7. Yeah, I’ve been lazy blog-wise too.

  8. I didn’t realize..
    Wow, I didn’t realize there was that many authors out there, submitting massive query letters to agents. lol. I have a friend in New York, that is an agent, and I enjoy hearing some of his horror stories. 😛

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