happy release day – Part B (today!)

The mass market edition of Elizabeth Bear’s Whiskey and Water: A Novel of the Promethean Age

Matthew Szczegielniak, also known as Matthew Magus, lost his brother and the use of his right hand in a disastrous war against the Fae, spurred on by the treachery of fellow Promethean Mage Jane Andraste. Seven years later, Jane is building a new army of mages, and Matthew discovers the body of a young woman, apparently murdered by a Faerie agent. To fulfill his job as protector of New York City, Matthew must find the murderer, avert another war with the Fae, and contend with the very forces of hell and the New York legal system. Bear’s sequel to Blood and Iron reaffirms her skill at creating memorable-and memorably flawed-characters as well as her sure hand at blending together the modern world with the world of the Fae. Her elegant storytelling should appeal to fans of Charles de Lint, Jim Butcher, and other cross world and urban fantasy authors. A strong addition to fantasy collections. –Library Journal review

A new edition of P.C. Hodgell’s The God Stalker Chronicles — volume 1 includes the first two novels in the series: God Stalk and Dark of the Moon

Hodgell’s fertile imagination supplies many delights, above all the intriguing oddity of the city. Tai-tastigon merits comparison with Lieber’s Lankhmar as one of the most fascinating settings in fantasy. With this novel she makes a promising debut, and its sequels could turn out to be major contributions to the field. — Locus Magazine on the original edition of God Stalk

Where so much of contemporary fantasy seems to consist of little more than a mindless reworking of Tolkein and Howard, Hodgell’s affinities lie with the complex plotting of Mervyn Peake, the dark humor of Fritz Lieber, and the gruesomely poetic detail work of Clark Ashton Smith. Her strong characters, strange sense of humor, and intense, visually lush writing style keep Dark of the Moon on track to a powerful conclusion. — Fantasy Magazine on the original edition of Dark of the Moon

[Note: Baen Books will be making Books 3 (Seeker’s Mask) and 4 (To Ride a Rathorn) of the series available in another omnibus later this year. The author is currently working on the 5th book of the series.]

Jim Butcher has a new Dresden novella in Mean Streets

If you’ve kept up with the Dresden books, you’ll remember that Michael Carpenter was severely injured at the end of Small Favor. Dresden has received an implied threat to Michael or his family. He’s worried and wants Michael to take up the sword again. The story revolves around Dresden’s relationship with Michael and his family and the fact that Dresden now has two of the swords once carried by the Knights. For those keeping count that means there is only one operating Knight of the Sword in the world right now until Dresden manages to recognize a potential Knight and hand over one of the swords. It’s a wonderful story of trust and loyalty and tidily ties up the ending of Small Favor by bringing us up-to-date on Michael. — sfrevu.com

Craig Shaw Gardner’s Battlestar Galactica novel, The Cylons’ Secret, is being re-released in a trilogy omnibus edition (along with novels by Peter David and Steven Harper).

In The Cylons’ Secret, a ship, scavenging the outer settlements for valuable Cylon technologies after the first human-Cylon war, stumbles on a super-secret scientific outpost beyond charted space. Mere hours later, Battlestar Galactica receives a one-word distress call from the scavenging ship: “Cylons,” causing the young Colonel William Adama to investigate.

Gardner puts his long and diverse experience as a writer to excellent use in this book, capturing the essence of many characters while reinforcing the basic “bible” of Battlestar Galactica. — sfrevu.com

7 responses to “happy release day – Part B (today!)

  1. Happy New Year! I need to stay out of the bookstores, but I’m going today because our Waldenbooks is closing down. Sad and pleasing at the same time.
    I ordered and already received Cherie Priest’s FATHOM and cannot wait to read it. You have some excellent authors, Jennifer. 🙂

  2. Glad to see the whole P.C. Hodgell series is being re-released, and that she’s writing another one. I read Godstalker when it first came out and was just blown away by it.

  3. I do wonder if the effect your posts here have on sales can be measured. I’ll wager it’s definitely a noticeable uptick.

  4. P. C. can’t come out with number five fast enough, IMO. I’ve been a fan for years now. I wish her the best of luck with her new publisher (it’s about time she got noticed, too).

  5. I’m so glad Hodgell slipped back into major press land! I have all her books, but it was lamentably difficult to get some of the small press editions. The omnibus cover art makes me sigh fondly over the original, but, well, c’est la bookcover vie.

  6. Whoa — congratulations on all the new releases! (Meanwhile, everybody was thinking the publishing industry just turns into a pumpkin at the end of every year…)

  7. Happy Book Day to you and your authors!!

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