if you ever wondered why agents might be slower to respond around the holidays…

Remember what I said on Friday about reading some actual books over the holidays? I even have one picked out, but I’m not sure now that I will make the time for it. (Thanks, by the way, to everyone for their suggestions on Wednesday’s post.)

And this weekend I read a short story from Theodora Goss’ collection, In The Forest Of Forgetting, which I think I may have to set aside, even though it was a wonderfully elegant story that just wowed me and I want to read the rest.

Since Thursday the 18th, I’ve gotten five client manuscripts, and there are at least 2 (it was 3 but one is slightly delayed) more on the way before the end of the year. Those five books total approximately 2000 pages, and a bit over 500,000 words. I wonder if that is longer than Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle books….

14 responses to “if you ever wondered why agents might be slower to respond around the holidays…

    (not this time, anyway. :))
    Good luck with it. 🙂 *hugs*

  2. “I wonder if that is longer than Neal Stephen’s Baroque Cycle books…”
    It is not. Moreover, the words Stephenson used in The Baroque Cycle are benchmarked at 120% par value. You’ve got a lot of reading to do, but at least you aren’t slogging through six hundred densely worded pages of English civil war history featuring highly unlikable characters and a plot that doesn’t appear on the surface to go anywhere.
    I’m still mired in it. My spouse won’t let me read Anathem until I finish all the Baroque Cycle books. I can skip ahead plz? PLZ!?

    • I was wondering because I made it through the Baroque Cycle a couple years ago (and was rather fond of Jack), and this last summer I read, Anathem. I was trying to make a guess from the number of pages to see how it compared to my new manuscripts, but couldn’t settle on a formula to convert.
      Out of curiousity…. does anyone know what the word count on those three books is?

      • Amazon says that Quicksilver is 944 pages, The Confusion is 816 pages, and The System of the World is 892 pages. Assuming you don’t want to count Cryptonomicon (at 928 pages), for which the whole of The Baroque Cycle is basically a prequel, your total page count is 2652. Amazon doesn’t post word counts, but a quick bit of arithmetic says that you need to average only 188 words per page if you want that many pages to blow a 500,000 word budget.
        Andrew Leonard estimates the word count at just shy of two million.
        And Stephenson had the gall to submit his manuscript in hand written ink.

  3. I just picked up Stephenson’s Cryptonmicon last night, read five pages, and bounced, hard. I thought Erikson was bad! My brain will not be happy with me after this one.

  4. I’m only 120,000 to blame!

  5. In The Forest Of Forgetting made me cry, in a good way.

  6. guilty – but not to you
    I’m guilty as charged. I sent a manuscript to my agent in mid-December! I think we writers want to clear off our desks for the new year just as much as everyone else. I busted my butt to finish it before the holidays!

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