if you haven’t already started your holiday shopping….

My client Alison Kent has organized a fundraiser event: For Jo Leigh, who lost her husband to cancer earlier this year. Like many writers, Jo Leigh and her husband had no health coverage, and so Alison (and others) put a call out to the writing community for contributions to auction so they could help. There are many books, goodies, and author/agent/editor critiques.

I am offering a critique of three chapters (not to exceed 50 pages) and a synopsis (up to 10 pages). You can bid for this at:

5 responses to “if you haven’t already started your holiday shopping….

  1. Looks like the bidding is going well so far!

  2. Lovely Idea!
    More folks should take the time to offer of themselves and their talents as you have to help someone in need. What goes, also comes. Take care.

  3. That’s a noble gesture of you, please keep us updated on how the sale went, I really want to know if your initiative proved to be functional. As for holiday shopping, I am always a last moment buyer, this way I get better chances to find some good discounts for specific products.
    Davvie, ez saver

  4. I’ve always had an eye for cheap stuff online but I never thought I could buy books from a charity auction; too bad the auction was closed way before my wake-up call.

  5. I found some rare editions there and I feel guilty for bidding on one’s misfortune. I wish the family all the best and I really hope they’ll manage to get their lives back together after parting with such a wonderful man.
    Allie Patchell – email affiliate

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