vote. vote. vote.

I don’t talk about politics on this blog. But, a friend alerted me the other day that my polling location may have moved due to the fact that there is a higher than expected turnout on the horizon. So, I checked, and it had, so I’m glad that I did. Because I am going to vote tomorrow.

Here’s a useful link for finding out where your polling place will be — just put in your whole address, zipcode included:

Go vote.

That is all.

8 responses to “vote. vote. vote.

  1. Thank you. That was most helpful.

  2. I took advantage of doing a mail-in vote. Kind of glad since I don’t have to worry about the lines (apparently there are LONG lines already).

  3. Oops
    It’s got the old polling place for my address, not the one that it changed to a couple of months ago.

  4. I love Google Maps SO much!
    I used it the other day to see how far my dog walking trip had been!
    Had to laugh. It tells me driving to my polling place will take 58 seconds. Which is pretty true, since it’s around the corner and down two blocks. I shall be walking. With a book.

  5. I voted early….
    And I’m so glad. I always try to vote, but voting on election day is generally the pits anyway.
    Now it’s done. I’m happy.

    • Re: I voted early….
      Both of my girls early voted, and the husband and I went at least three times to try (the girls are in different precincts than we are), but on those days didn’t have time to wait the hours required. Tomorrow, we do. Our county had over 730,000 early voters. Unbelievable.

    • Re: I voted early….
      And when that anonymous thing shows up, it was me, sigh.

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