letters from the query wars x 2 (Halloween Horror edition)

In honor of the day, the stats here are twice the horror…. Well, actually, the reason is that a conference last weekend ate up a couple days on either side of it and I didn’t get the chance to post last week’s stats. Without further ado:

# of queries read the previous week: 126
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 0

# of queries read this last week: 102
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 0

Lovely author Holly Black (who has a library that makes me ever-so envious) is afraid of zombies.

J.A. Konrath talks about the scariest thing that can happen to a writer, and admonishes people to do regular back-ups.

Agent Nathan Bransford is fleeing from NaNoWriMo (tongue in cheek, though, he says).

My current fear as an agent is that I will come to an untimely end — or turn into a zombie to scare Holly — before I manage to get the queries, partials, and manuscripts currently waiting to be read, under control. As the piles lurch about the office droning “brains…. brains….”, I find them more of a terror than zombies!

What are you afraid of this Halloween? Maybe it will be what I carved to greet my local trick-or-treaters…..

Happy Halloween!

24 responses to “letters from the query wars x 2 (Halloween Horror edition)

  1. What are you afraid of this Halloween?
    I’m afraid that your rejection e-mail got caught in my spam somehow! I keep checking, but I don’t see anything. Still, your post says you’ve rejected everything from this week. :S Hmm…is it because you are two to three weeks “behind” on average. I hope so.
    I back up my information somewhat consistently because I would probably flip out if I lost all my data! That reminds me that I should back it all up on multiple computers soon.
    P.S. Awesome carving.

    • Re: What are you afraid of this Halloween?
      The # of queries is just how many I read — it doesn’t refer to when they were received. There does tend to be a backlog because there are just so many to review and my response speed varies depending on what else I am doing for clients and so forth in a week.
      I can say that I have read all queries pre-October at this point; both email and snailmail. So if you sent yours before October 1st, you should resend.

      • Re: What are you afraid of this Halloween?
        No, not before October 1st. Looks like I’m in the clear for now. Take your time; enjoy Halloween. You have my anonymous permission. Don’t feel guilty!

  2. That’s an excellent pumpkin.

  3. I’m afraid of seeing yet another vampire store centered around the young vampires deciding they are sick of the habits of concealment of the old vampires. Especially since we always see this from the young vampires POV. And they are universally HOT!

  4. Ooooh, pumpkin love! I’m afraid that my order from sockdreams.com won’t be waiting for me at home tonight, and there will be no snuggly socks this weekend. The horror!

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    I just wanted to let you know I added you to my friend’s list so I can follow along on your adventure.

  6. That is a kick-ass pumpkin.

  7. Zombies only eat brain in the “Return of the Living Dead” series.

  8. I am afraid that I will NEVER FINISH WRITING THIS NOVEL.
    I know that it’s getting better. Absolutely is. I’m not just tinkering or moving commas around. But AUGH.

  9. Hey there! 🙂 We noticed you are an author, and would like to extend an invitation to you to join our new LiveJournal community . The community is to allow Young Adult authors to network with one another, as well as give advice to those aspiring to become published. For more information about the community, go here. We hope to see you there!

  10. Great pumpkin. Happy Halloween!

  11. I’m actually afraid to answer the door this Halloween. For the past nine years, I lived inside an apartment building, so most of the kids skipped out place and went to get candy treats from the shopkeepers all over Astoria. Sometimes the kids within the building came around for treats, and if the cats got out, there were still two doors between them and the great wide world.
    But this year, I have moved to the ass end of Queens, in a much more suburban area, in the top unit of a two-story house. My door opens to the outside, with no screen door. AS it is, when I come home, I have to use a spray water-bottle to keep the cats from darting outside.
    I’m terrified of opening the door a hundred times and tempting fate. One of my cats is jet black, and I have an irrational fear that people may do bad things to a black cat on Halloween.
    Is that totally crazy?
    (Also, I am afraid of cannibals and movies about cannibals. Just freaks me out utterly.)
    Anyway, Happy Halloween!

  12. Wow, great job on the frightening pumpkin!
    I carved a turtle from the World Wildlife Fund.
    As for my fears, I’ve been jumpy hearing some of the firecrackers in front of my house tonight. Go figure! 🙂

  13. Did YOU really carve that? It’s wonderful!

  14. I actually sent you my query letter about two weeks ago…
    How long before I know I’m rejected?

  15. Love the pumpkin! Very impressive!

  16. The uh…Holly Black Special Edition Hidden Library comes as a standard clause in the Maass agency contract, no?

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