happy release day

Officially available today — Elizabeth Bear’s All the Windwracked Stars

She is Muire, the last of the Valkyrie, and she walks among mortals, alone since the devastation of the last battle of the Children of the Light. She has come to a city in the last days of civilization to continue the obligation of her kind — to avenge bold warriors slain by treachery and to fight for the just. But in the alleyways of the under-city she finds something she thought she would never see again… a trace of another Child of the Light.

Bear’s world building echoes the best of Zelazny and pulls the reader into the story and the history until it’s over. Muire is, despite a certain difficulty in the beginning, one of Bear’s more interesting and likable characters, and the mythology Bear deploys promises further satisfying stories based in it.
–Booklist, starred review

Readers will be captivated by Bear’s incredibly complex, broken characters; multilayered themes of redemption; and haunting, world-breaking decisions.
–Publishers Weekly, starred review

6 responses to “happy release day

  1. TODAY is the official release day? I bought it at B&N on Saturday. Must remember that location for the future when waiting (im)patiently for new books!
    And I can’t wait to read it….just as soon as I get caught up on my classwork….darn it…

  2. I can’t wait to order this – I loff Bear’s writing like whoah. Although I guess it will have be a Christmass pressy to myself.
    *waits for December, taps foot*

  3. I think I’ll add this to my Christmas list–especially since I may have time to actually read it between semesters.

  4. Happy Release Day
    Congrats to Ms. Bear. 🙂

  5. Hooray!
    …except I don’t buy hardbacks due to arthritis. Which is quite all right, as I know I have an unread Bear somewhere on the shelves – we moved and still haven’t sorted the books, can you believe it? – as well as a large stack of unread and should-reads. Nonetheless I’m very glad to see it and will keep it in mind as Christmas-present for everyone else!

  6. I may have to make this one of the few books I purchase on my ridiculously small grad student book budget. I’ve rarely encountered Valkyries in the fantasy genre, but they seem to making a come back. And talk about serendipitous with Max Payne drawing on the Valkyrie mythos!
    Nancy D’Inzillo

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