link salad – client edition

Over on Jay Lake’s blog, he’s holding a poll for a Tuckerization in his next novel. I’m cheering for mcurry, currently in 2nd place, but there’s lot of great entries. Go vote!

Sharon Lee has an interesting discussion going on her blog about speculative fiction vs. academia. I find this intriguing to some extent because I took an elective in science fiction literature back in high school. I read R.U.R. and Clarke’s Childhood’s End, and it was an early introduction into thinking about how the stories were put together and their themes and what they said, rather than just taking them at surface value.

Ken Scholes answers some questions about his upcoming novel: Lamentation, for fans on the B&N Book Club board.

Jena Snyder talks about the responsibility inherent in agreeing to book crit. And then C.E. Murphy discusses working on critiques for an upcoming conference, and the ever-popular issue of showing versus telling.

Martha Wells reports that she’s going to be a featured author at Anthology Builder this month, which means a discount on any order with one of her stories in it. Go check it out.

Laura Anne Gilman wants to know what’s in your reading room (by which she means what do you look at when you’re, er…, indisposed). Would it be disturbing for me to admit that I have manuscripts in there? Or maybe that would be just too darn dedicated on my part. Honestly, I don’t have any reading material at all standing by (though it’s scattered around the rest of the place).

And, in a non-client reference, I read Jessica’s post over at BookEnds and thought she was somehow talking about me at first…. 200 queries (yep), too many things in the reading pile (that too), contracts and correspondence (like the rock and Sisyphus), and taking time to have a life (going to do that soon, I hope – just have to figure out her angle on doing that guilt-free).

10 responses to “link salad – client edition

  1. Might want to ask Jena to un-friendslock that post about critting…

    • I’ll let her know. Thanks for pointing that out. I usually check but missed that one.

    • My post wasn’t too charitable to a couple of people in a friend’s crit group – and there was a chance they might happen upon the post. The upshot was, if someone’s in a group, they should be prepared to both read and crit, and in a timely manner.

  2. Would it be disturbing for me to admit that I have manuscripts in there?
    Not disturbing, per se, but it does take some of the luster off the whole SASE concept. 🙂

  3. Guilt-free? I haven’t done it, but I suspect it’s a matter of attitude.
    Are you entitled to guilt-free down time, or does taking on the responsibilities mean you owe first priority to them?
    My doctor tells me I’m entitled to the down time. I routinely fail to believe her.

  4. My husband and I have the nasty habit of bringing whatever book we’re reading in with us and spending far too long “indisposed.” In fact, it has become an issue with getting ready in the morning because my husband spends half an hour “reading” and I end up pounding on the door telling him to get out so I can get ready for work.
    I realize that is probably far too much information for you from someone you don’t even know. Oh well.

  5. Not sure where to send this information
    The link below has you saying, “I’m sorry, but I cannot accept phone, fax, or e-mail queries.”
    This link, , informs us that you do accept e-mail queries.
    Just a heads-up on a Web inconsistency.

  6. BookEnds
    I checked out Jessica’s post, and I enjoyed reading it. Unfortunately the agents from BookEnds don’t represent authors of SFF. At least, that’s what Agent Query shows. I’m assuming the people on AQ know nearly everything. Probably a bad assumption, right?

  7. Shelley Adina?
    Is there any info about Shelley Adina? I tried to find her site or blog, or something… ?
    I just finished her first book in the ‘It’s all about us’ Series and loved it! Will be getting the second and third ones as well…
    Did she really dedicate the book to you ‘Jennifer Jackson?’ or is she refering to a different Jennifer Jackson? I would love to hear the story behind that one…?
    Thanks for all the great info from your posts! They are a great resource for new writers!

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