link salad – not just a client edition

Novelists Inc has an interview with me up on their blog. I will try to check in today to see if there are questions/comments. The types of questions they ask tend to focus on writers who are published, mid-career, but it might be helpful for newer authors too.

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller are featured in the Portland Press. They talk about what it was like to serialize their novel Fledgling on the web. Fledgling will be coming out in traditional print form next year from Baen Books.

In other news, C.E. Murphy is very excited about her new comicbook series “Take A Chance”, a superhero comic series about Frankie Kemp, aka “Chance”, a woman who loses her son to gang violence and turns vigilante to save other children. She also announces that she will be donating from the proceeds to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Issue #1 of “Take A Chance” will be out in December 2008. It’s in this week’s Previews and available for pre-orders. She’ll have an order form to use at your local comic book shop up sometime today as well. (Cover by Scott Clark (“X-Men”, “Stormwatch”))

12 responses to “link salad – not just a client edition

  1. Interesting idea!
    >>what it was like to serialize their novel Fledgling on the web. Fledgling will be coming out in traditional print form next year from Baen Books.<<
    That’s interesting! And pretty unusual. I was wondering how likely it was that people who had read it for free on the Web would go buy the book . . . or do they feel that the audience is large enough such that people who didn’t see it on the Web will be the buying public? The unusual part is that the book is already under contract and basically being offered for free, I suppose is what I’m saying. The reason I’m interested (of course) is that various pros have suggested that I serialize or post my novels on my website, and I’ve been reluctant to do it because I felt it would limit the chances that one of them would sell. We can watch this situation and see how well the plan works, because that might be the answer for the Great Unwashed (like me). At least we’d *have* an audience.

    • Re: Interesting idea!
      The key to a successful web serialization is having an audience in place. I wouldn’t encourage a brand-new writer to try what we did with Fledgling. The reason it worked for us is that we have a existing fan base. And even we were amazed at how well the project(s) worked.

      • Re: Interesting idea!
        Aw! Well, good luck with it. I don’t suppose that a friendslist on LJ counts as a fan base. *grin* I believe that I might develop a fan base if only I could get a chance in the spotlight (or even as a sideshow), but I also know that’s a bad belief to have, as it is just another one of those delusions that ruin people’s lives. “They say that you can have anything, but that’s not true . . . you can ASPIRE to anything, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to get it, except right between the eyes.” *GRIN*

  2. Question on interview with Novelists Inc
    I was just wondering, you were talking about one of your authors who branched out into other genres. Is it standard that an author stays with the same agent to represent their books even when it may not be the usual genre that agent would represent? Are there ever two agents for one author, but different books?

    • Re: Question on interview with Novelists Inc
      This is really an essay question, but I’m pressed for time, so long story short — more than one agent can get into the issue of having too many cooks. One of the things an agent does is to coordinate your career. I’d recommend trying to find an agent who is willing to embrace your whole body of work. The only exception to this is that, in some cases, fiction and non-fiction may require separate representatives, but those are areas that also rarely conflict.

  3. The interview question
    Just so you can attribute that last question to a person (about two agents, one author).
    Nancy D’Inzillo

  4. I read the Novelists Inc interview and I was interested in this response — “It also strikes me that a question like this seems, by definition, to sound exclusionary to some people. And there are stories out there that you don’t know you’re looking for – I’m open to exploring the idea of growing my list in a new direction.”
    A new direction? How adventurous are you feeling?

  5. Re: Interesting idea!
    Shoot. I was really hoping . . . especially because some pros have actually recommended that path. Perhaps they’re merely using the easy way to get rid of me. *grin*

  6. I’m so glad CE Murphy is doing more! She’s such a fabulous author; I can genuinely say that I finally figured out what “Scenes” were by reading her work.
    (Although I’ve always wondered just why her series with Margrit has a WHITE woman on the covers… Weirdness abounds!)

  7. Jennifer, I loved your interview! Very interesting. 🙂 I learned a little more. Cool.
    I am so stoked to see C.E. Murphy’s comic. 🙂 Can’t wait to check it out.

  8. Murphy’s going to rock that! I finished her Heart of Stone just last month, and my favorite character was Grace O’Malley. I’m definitely going to look for this.

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