teaser chapters for new Jim Butcher Codex Alera novel

The first of six Princeps’ Fury sample chapters will be posted here at midnight MDT tonight! New chapters of Princeps’ Fury, one new chapter every Tuesday, through September and October (running from the Prologue to Chapter Five).

Princeps’ Fury arrives November 25th. Pre-order here.

5 responses to “teaser chapters for new Jim Butcher Codex Alera novel

  1. Humblest apologies for an unrelated comment.
    A general inquiry: If you come across a query that doesn’t suit you but think it might interest someone else in your agency, should the writer expect a form rejection from the agent he first subbed to or hope for a request from Agent Number #2? Or expect a rejection from Agent Number #2?

  2. Good question
    I’d like to add to that question.
    Many agencies allow writers to query more than one agent (though not at the same time). What’s the protocol with your agency?
    If Donald Maass, for example, passed on a project would you consider it – or does “no” mean no for the whole agency?

    • Re: Good question
      Oh, snap!
      All right, I admit it; I read right past the above line, which apparently was added to your submission guidelines after I submitted my first novel query, which by now I’m sure is long past consideration. I’m happy to wait for as long as you need to get to a query, as long as I know I’ll eventually receive a “yea” or “nay”. Just delete the previous anonymous post, okay?

  3. submissions
    … and to expand on the previous poster’s question … what kind of turnaround should I expect from you after electronic query submission? Do you actually send acceptances and rejections via e-mail? I’m asking that question because at one time your protocol seemed to be to notify only if you were interested; and if not … the submitter had to assume that you weren’t interested. Hmph.

  4. Most excellent!
    I am very eager to read yet another Codex Alera book. This series is one of the best in current fantasy writing.
    –Marc Vun Kannon
    author of Unbinding the Stone and A Warrior Made.

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