also available today….

Dreamcatcher by Anna Leonard (from the Nocturne eBites program).

You’re mine. All mine. I will consume you, piece by piece, and I will never be done…

Emma awakened each morning feeling increasingly exhausted and weak, as though she was slowly being drained of life. And rather than reviving her, sleep seemed to deplete her further. Most disturbing of all was the voice she heard in her dreams threatening to consume her until nothing was left.

With his pale, translucent skin and deep, dark eyes, there was something unearthly about Matthew, the Home Health Aid hired by Emma’s dad, but somehow he inspired Emma’s trust. So when he asked her permission to use his powers to help her, she gave it willingly. Suddenly he was appearing in her dreams…making love to her…filling her with newfound strength. But in the light of day, Emma was conflicted. Who…or what…had she permitted to enter her dreams…and what did he want from her?

4 responses to “also available today….

  1. Wow! Congratulations on all these book releases!

  2. I’m curious. Are the percentages different for an eBook compared to traditional publishing? Given the reduction of up-front costs and the lack of printing expense, one would think that an author might obtain a greater percent of the bottom line.

  3. I betcha
    I betcha that Matthew guy is a vampire. Waddaya think?

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