and the winner is….

For everyone who picked a number under 1000, bless you.

And the winner is…. crazy_gabrielle at 457. I’d like to know how she arrived at this number since the actual count was 455.

My own guess had been 485.

I will be contacting crazy_gabrielle to offer her a book by one of my clients that she’d like to read, which I will send to her.

Thanks everyone for playing. It was a fun counterpoint to all of today’s sorting and triage.

8 responses to “and the winner is….

  1. Well. I looked at the last two query wars posts, since you were gone for two weeks, and they added up to somewhere near 450. I added 7 just for the fun of it. 😛 Well, and just in case someone else gave 450.

  2. Awesome! Congratulations, Gabrielle! 🙂

  3. I’m bummed it wasn’t me, but something I read today made me think of you: a little blurb about and e-mail “triage program” called Priorities that will ‘rank a message’s importance using probability models.’ Coming soon…perhaps something to look for.

  4. Holy beans, Jenn. O.O

  5. Eh, I wasn’t being that serious. 🙂 I would have gone with your average weekly rate times the number of weeks anyways, but I like silly over-the-top numbers on those games. Like announcing there are 1,234,784 jelly beans in the 4 L bottle. 🙂
    But, that is a lot of emails to go through.

  6. Congrats!
    Congratulations, Gabby! Do tell us what you chose to read.

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