happy release day!

Hell and Earth by Elizabeth Bear

“Completing the story of Will Shakespeare and Kit Marley (Christopher Marlowe) begun in 2008’s Ink and Steel, Campbell-winner Bear proves again that she can fill a stage as well as any Elizabethan playwright, entwining tragedies of betrayal and blood-soaked revenge with country pastoral and domestic comedy. Will, released from Hell, returns to a mortal court where black magic threatens Queen Elizabeth, and his poetry becomes her bulwark. Kit, bound to a trapped angel, likewise works to discover who in Faerie caused the murder of Will’s son, Hamnet. Navigating the tangled intrigues of backstabbing courtiers and malicious magicians, the poets strive to thwart a plot to reshape the world through the power of story. Released on the heels of Ink and Steel, this complex and character-driven tale is best read with the other Promethean Age novels close at hand, not least because it lacks the all-important dramatis personae.” – Publishers Weekly

Novels of the Promethean Age:
Blood and Iron (June 2006)
Whiskey and Water (July 2007)
Ink and Steel (July 2008)
Hell and Earth (August 2008)

17 responses to “happy release day!

  1. Oh my God, what a great cover. *falls over*

  2. You know, these posts work. I’m starting to get really curious about these books!

  3. Ooh, what an eye-catching cover! *writes down title*

  4. I love this series. Can’t wait to read H&E.

  5. D*mn that is some great cover… I’d never buy a book based on cover art alone, but there are covers which make it impossible to turn aside. This is one.
    Congrats to Elizabeth Bear — and her agent!

  6. I just recently read Elizabeth Bear’s collab with Sarah Monette, A Companion to Wolves and now I’m definitely intrigued to read some of her other work too! The Promethean Age series is definitely on the list 😀

  7. Borders actually was selling this on Sunday, and I couldn’t resist (although I need to read Ink and Steel).
    I think I mentioned that the cover of I&S attracted the interest of the Borders cashier who checked me out when I picked it up–this cover is even nicer.

  8. Congratulations, Ms. Bear! You’re busy. That’s a good thing. 🙂

  9. That cover is stunning!! The story sounds fascinating as well; I’ll have to check it out!

  10. The covers are amazing. I don’t know where I’ve been that I haven’t noticed this series, but it’s got my attention now. One question — why was each pair of volumes released so close together? Are they really one long book that was divided in two?

  11. And another question: do Blood and Iron and Whiskey and Water have to be read in order to enjoy/understand Ink and Steel? I’m really intrigued by the idea of a Shakespeare and Marlowe story, and am assuming they don’t appear in the first two Promethean Age books — please tell me if I’m wrong.

    • Yes, you could read the Elizabethan ones first if you wanted to. In fact, I may have read the very first version of that before I read Blood and Iron, I think.

  12. and a Hugo
    Also congrats to Ms. Bear on her Hugo win. My husband and I were both at the Hugo awards ceremony this year. (And we both voted for her wonderful short story).
    Lisa Iriarte

  13. Ooooh, I just read Ink & Steel – amazing book!

    • Thank you so much! *g* I kind of am starting to feel with The Stratford Man like I finally got one right

      • WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Both of the two Promethean Age books were wonderful; I’m always foisting them upon friends. Your old editor at Roc, Liz Scheier, sold me on them before they were even published. Seriously good writing and seriously addictive reading. 🙂
        Also? Can’t wait for the sequel to DUST.

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