San Diego ComiCon interview with Jim Butcher on

While Jim Butcher was at ComiCon over this last weekend, he was interviewed for the new website: Jim Butcher interview. Find out which of the Dresden Files books is the author’s favorite…

And there’s lots more coverage of SDCC on the site if you wanted to go but didn’t have the opportunity.

7 responses to “San Diego ComiCon interview with Jim Butcher on

  1. Man, I feel so left out. One of these days, I swear — I WILL make it to ComicCon.

  2. I saw him at Polaris in Toronto. He was supposed to do a reading that turned into a Q&A. And then he did a second Q&A up on the big stage. Hilarious. Really, one of the best speakers there.
    And he looks like my philosophy professor.

  3. …And here we have yet another must-be-read series to add to the already substantial but ever-growing pile. (Not at all a complaint, btw!)
    The whole “magic in the real world” thing by now, you’d think, would have its own genre label. There’s HP, of course, but then also Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and these Dresden books. Is there an insider term for them? (Heck, I’ll settle for an outsider term.)

  4. Good interview. And I’m glad Tor gave Cam the shout-out! He’s a great guy. I had such a time scouting around the con floor with him and Jim on Saturday. I wish you could have been there, too!

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