happy official release day

Now available: Elizabeth Bear’s Ink and Steel

Read a sample: Prologue | act i, scene 1

“Elizabeth I rules England in the “iron world” of humanity; the other realm, of Faerie, claims Queen Mab as monarch. Both worlds exist in symbiosis, but each world is threatened by treachery from within. When Elizabeth’s personal spy, poet and playwright Christopher Marlowe, is murdered, his ability to weave sustaining magics into his plays is lost. His replacement, rival William Shakespeare, possesses talent but lacks magic. In order to save England, Faerie intervenes, raising Marlowe as Mab’s servant — and Shakespeare’s teacher. The latest installment in Bear’s historical fantasy series featuring an Earth infused with magic as well as machinery both explores the fertile literary movements of the Elizabethan era and reveals the origins of the Promethean age. The author’s mastery of period detail and her ability to interweave literature and politics while bringing to life some of history’s most beloved and problematic characters make this a welcome addition to any library.” — Library Journal

Novels of the Promethean Age:
Blood and Iron (June 2006)
Whiskey and Water (July 2007)
Ink and Steel (July 2008)
Hell and Earth (August 2008)

Yay for The Stratford Man! I still remember the box (with the sheep drawn on it) that held the version of this that has become the two volume set being released this summer. Many incarnations later — long may she reign….

12 responses to “happy official release day

  1. Hee. We’ve had it for over a week; has already finished it, and I’m about halfway through.

  2. Ahh, the giant box with the befuddled sheep on it.
    Who ever knew that little book would grow up so weird?

  3. Yay Elizabeth! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yay!
    I’ve been waiting for this. I forgot it didn’t come out until late June. I went to the bookstore a few weeks ago prowling for it. Yipee! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Whee! How did I miss that this was being released today?

  6. Oh, that cover is gorgeous. Congrats to both you and Ms. Bear!

  7. Golly gee willikers those major publishers and writers. They’ll think up anything.

  8. wow. adding to my wishlist and
    buying soon.
    i’ve never read a historical fantasy.
    i *thought* i wrote one, but no. it’s
    not based on an actual time period
    or place in history. can’t wait to
    read this!

  9. I love that blurb! I so gotta get that book.

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