link salad – client edition

Jim Butcher and his gaming friends are participating in Relay for Life. If you want to make a donation: his team page. Jim is also auctioning 8 autographed British editions of the Dresden Files with the money to also go to ACS.

Patricia Bray AKA pbray is also on the cancer research contribution trail with a biking/walking challenge. You can donate here. Plus, she talks about balancing the creative needs of both a day job and the rest of her creative life.

Shadow Unit’s summer DVD extras have begun. There’s also a new Shadow Unit Wiki.

Mary Robinette Kowal’s online serial in five parts: Coffee Sensibility – Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V

Elizabeth Bear AKA matociquala discusses the “there’s nothing wrong with this story but I’m not going to buy it” stage of a writer’s career.

suricattus and jaylake on contracts: here and here (respectively).

Ken Scholes AKA kenscholes posted an evil You Tube link, which as the 32nd daughter of Vlad Li Tam I fear I must propagate:

6 responses to “link salad – client edition

  1. You do know what happens to most of Vlad Li Tam’s daughters…?
    (I told Ken he needed to be specific about what happened to #32.)

  2. That YouTube link is made of brilliance.

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