busy, busy, busy — and did I mention, busy?

Apparently this is translation deals week — I’ve done deals via collaborative agencies in Spain, Portugal and Germany in the last few days.

Other than that, I’ve been getting new projects out to editors or reading incoming projects to get them to the point to go out, answering a slew of email, and fitting in queries here and there to try and get those back up to speed. Oh, and reviewing contracts for deals already done. It is beginning to have the sense of paddling upstream. I fear I will never find my desk.

And I find I can’t think of a thing to blather about on the blog. I think I am so focused on work that when I stop to try and think of a topic, it’s like there’s just a pause as my mind waits for work to resume.

6 responses to “busy, busy, busy — and did I mention, busy?

  1. If — and only if, and only when — you felt inclined, hearing about how translation deals are done would be fascinating. Would J. Random Midlister or Q. Random Newbie be likely to get a translation deal done? Or are those only for Really Popular Bestsellers?

  2. Busy is good—especially for an agent. :*) Maybe the next topic could be: Should an unpublished writer go to a conference if they’re in the middle of a rewrite or just writing a brand new book. Is it beneficial? Just a thought. ;*)

  3. Don’t worry about the blog. Just remember to breathe a lot and take time to eat lunches.

  4. My agent gave my proposal a green light to go out last week. I would LOVE to hear more what you do behind the scenes to get projects ready to pitch to editors. Sounds like a lot of work!

  5. Submission Pages
    Dear Agent Manners, My wife (who’s always right!) says it’s better to be busy than bored. I have a quick question I hope doesn’t add to the stess of your day. My novel begins with a Preface. If an agency asks for the first five pages of the novel, is this the first five pages of the Preface that sets up the beginning of the story (my opinion) or the first five pages of Chapter one (my wife’s opinion). I’m not asking you to take sides, just provide the best answer. Seriously, it may be a minor point (the writing sample is still the writing sample), but I wouldn’t want to commit a faux pas. Thanks, Bill

    • Re: Submission Pages
      Dear Bill — Hi! This isn’t an Agent Manners post but one of my regular ones. I do the Agent Manners thing every couple months. The last one was mid-May and I will probably do one sometime this summer. You should enter your question on one of those requested posts so I can include it in the column if I don’t happen to answer it on my own sometime before then.

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