Justine Larbalestier claims that other writers are crazy.

And now I’m tempted to borrow her idea and project it to write about all the advice that agents give about querying and submissions. Because: “Thank Elvis there are some sane [agents] like me around. Clearly you should only listen to my advice.”

6 responses to “certifiable

  1. I think that’s the kind of attitude that would keep you sane. Or at least in control of your corner of the world. 🙂

  2. When you say, “Thank Elvis,” you mean that figuratively right?
    (You’ve been talking to Elvis again haven’t you?)

  3. I’m sorry, Jennifer. I’m afraid I only listen to my Rice Krispies.

  4. *laughing* It’s so good to see another author who does NOT plan out every little detail. Oi, vey. (And of course writers are crazy. They’re artists. :D)

  5. Golly, I’ve never seen any evidence of any form of mental unbalance among authors. This must be a humor piece she wrote. Not very believable.

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