new series on the horizon

Just got an email from Jennifer Banash (MySpace page) that she got a mention on MediaBistro’s Galley Cat for her forthcoming book: The Elite.

2 responses to “new series on the horizon

  1. Hmmm… these YouTube book advertisements seem to be showing up with increasing regularity. Something to investigate.
    The last book I picked up because of YouTube turned out to be fun, we’ll see how this one does.

  2. Very Excited
    C.E. Murphy is just pumping out books lately. I’m very excited to see this new one. After reading your posts from the Query Wars, might it be possible to see the Query letters that have been successful, or ones that stand out to you? The fan in me stumbled on your LJ because almost all of my favorite authors are on your client list, and the writer in me would love to see what’s worked successfully for you in the past.
    Have a great day!

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