real life glamour

Baby needs a new hot water heater. Estimated $600. Am now too depressed to write rejection letters. (Really, I can’t write them when I’m down or they come out sounding awful and mean.) Luckily, I had a book deal last week, so I can pay for this.

Also, laptop is doing a funny pixelated green screen thing. That’s not good either, I suspect.

And it’s raining.

At least I got one manuscript finished, another read, and seven partials with notes done this weekend after being such a slacker last weekend (oh, wait — Comicon counts as work!). Now I just have to convert notes to actual response letters (see first paragraph).

The weekend was definitely saved by getting to attend a Veda Hille concert last night with wojsvenwoj, mcurry, Vienna Teng, and other Ectophiles. Sure made getting home at 2 AM worth it. Must now put new album on Christmas wishlist. (ETA: To the Writers Institute Saturday dinner gang — I got my Old Fashioned, finally!)

22 responses to “real life glamour

  1. so far, this deal is paying for one new hot water heater, and one new air conditioner….
    ah, dah glamour…

  2. I Sympathize
    Don’t feel too bad about the water heater. Ours started out at $400 and another $100 for installation. The heater was delivered first and then the pros from Dover came over. Sizing up the old one, they threw up their hands in dismay and pronounced it demon spawn. No can do, must have exorcism by plumber.
    Oh, what a jovial spirit he was. He grins and grins and the price spins upward. But wait! There’s more! Mr. Pipes’r’us cannot do his thing until the closet is rebuilt. Seems the defunct heater had been spewing for quite some time and the floor, along with most of the walls, is rotted out. No can do, must have contractor.
    He grins even more then Mr. Plumber and my wallet runs screaming into the darkness. But wait! There’s more! They rebuild the closet but cannot do the outlets because they are not licensed. No can do, must have Electrician.
    Please to call the juice guy and rewire said closet. Honorable licensed journeyman comes out and grins and grins and grins and our checkbook will no longer accept ink. Done in less then a day for a whole lot of pay. But wait! There’s more! The plumbing is still not done and the wife is somewhat irritated at having to take sponge baths for the past two weeks. This will not do, must have plumber back ASAP.
    Mr. Tubes’n’joints makes his return grinning from ear to ear and our credit cards start to convulse. Seems the previous owner did his own handiwork using whatever he could find in scrap piles. But wait! There’s more! Replacing all the mismatched plumbing will require finding parts not readily available. Oh, and by the way, he is the only plumber within 50 miles who will work on mobile homes. Did I mention I own a mobile home?
    It didn’t quite take a month, and it didn’t cost as much as the wife’s car, but for a very nice, inexpensive water heater, it sure ripped us a financial new one.

    • Re: I Sympathize
      Ouch. I feel better now. Thanks. I’m just swapping a new one in for the one I put in about, oh, a little over 8 years ago now (and did all that wiring and other scary stuff back then). The warranty was only for 5, so I guess I should feel lucky.

  3. I feel your pain. My middle child started a new job last week, and I put $500 into her car to get her there. She should be paying me back. Eventually. (She loves the job, so that’s the good news!)

  4. My sentiments about the water heater as well. We had to buy a new one a few years ago to replace the ancient one in our house, and of course it didn’t quite fit in the area designated for it as well as the old one. Now, a few years later, the new one is acting up. Seems like they break as soon as they are paid off.
    This is why it was nice to live at a hotsprings when I was growing up. All we had to deal with was the gravity-fed ram pump.

  5. You can’t write rejections in a bad mood. Interesting. Perhaps you should try swilling gin like the departed Miss Snark. Always seemed to work for her.
    Trust the process, Jennifer. This too shall pass.

    • Oh, I guess I am perfectly capable of writing rejections while not all perky. I just don’t like how they sound when they come out.
      And I’m not a gin drinker. Single malt is my thang.

  6. Comic Con was a lot of fracking work. I had to add 15 to 20 minutes for crowds anytime I had to get from artist alley to anywhere else with Caroline.

  7. Oooh, sorry about the water heater. I felt horrible last summer when I found out that my engine was terminal. The maintenance manager came out into the customer lobby and sat next to me and I knew that the news wasn’t good. I had to buy a new car shortly thereafter. Don’t be so bummed and go ahead and write those rejections! I’m just saying that because I haven’t queried—yet…lol. :*)

  8. Quick question for clarification: did you go to the concert to see Vienna Teng, or did you guys go together? Because if it’s the latter, I’m going to turn bilious green with envy.

    • It was a Veda solo show (though she had her cute drummer along). Turns out Vienna had never seen Veda play before (I think she was taking notes and I know she ended up buying 3 CDs).
      That’s a lovely shade of green on you, I must say….

  9. It didn’t break down while you were showering, did it? Because I’ve been in that situation before and it royally sucks.

  10. This Comment Has Nothing To Do With Your Post 🙂
    Hello again! I wanted to thank you for a strange thing: your rejection form letter.
    I know you were working on re-wording it some time ago, and having just received one from you, I wanted you to know that I think it came out just right. (No, this is not sarcastic!)
    It feels personal even though it is clearly a form letter. It’s a gentle let-down, and at the same time not so harsh as to remove all hope of future representation. So thank you – it’s definitely far nicer than I expected!

    • Re: This Comment Has Nothing To Do With Your Post 🙂
      Thanks for taking the time to let me know this. I dislike having to use form rejections so I’m pleased to hear this one isn’t too harsh, even if it is a rejection. Keep query-ing and good luck!

      • Re: This Comment Has Nothing To Do With Your Post 🙂
        Oh, it’s definitely not too harsh. Thank you AND you’re welcome. I definitely appreciate the good wishes!

  11. Every person who has a partial with you just had their heart hit their feet because they’re certain you’re rejecting their partial now. 😉
    Loquacious Me

  12. Oh, so sorry! This is annoying. If it’s of any comfort, we are replacing an entire bathtub+a bunch of other bathroom stuff.

  13. Veda rules!
    As does having time to hang out with Vienna.

  14. Considered going tankless?
    I like tankless heating systems. No tank!
    It’s crap how much money we’re expected to spend on a simple heat-exchanger with a simple temperature regulator. *shakesfistatworld*

  15. if you need to replace the laptop, i recommend a Toshiba, mines been tossed, stepped on, dropped and generally abused for about five years and is still kicking.

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