good news on the Dresden Files

I found out after-hours last night that Jim Butcher’s Small Favor will be on the NYT list for another week. That makes 3 weeks in the top 10! I am so thrilled for him. Thanks to all his wonderful fans and readers for helping to make this series a success.

9 responses to “good news on the Dresden Files

  1. *boggles and laughs and boggles some more* That is SO AWESOME. *beams* Go JIM!

  2. Well deserved; I bought it and wolfed it down in just about one sitting. It’s rare that a series gets progressively better but Dresden improves with every outing.

  3. I’ll keep an eye out for it over here. I just picked up Blood Rites today, which is as far as my bookstore stocks at this point….

    • That’s only book 6 (though 1-3 will also be out in Japanese)…. email me your mailing address at jjackson [at] — I can get you lots more Hells Bells 😉

  4. Congratualations to you, Jennifer and Jim!! :*) Amazing…

  5. good news on the Dresden Files
    Good for Butcher!!
    I work in a different genre, but enjoy his books anyway.

  6. He deserves it. It’s a damn good read.

  7. Just so you know . . . My DS, who is hosteling his way through Europe, asked me to get him the book so that his sister can bring it for the week they are spending together in Copenhagen. He’s going to read it while they are there and send it back with her because he has no room in his backpack.
    He is a *very* devoted fan.

  8. He shoots, he scores! 🙂
    ::happy dance::

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