Literary agents don’t take sick days. They take reading days.

One pile o’ manuscripts – check.
One warm blanket – check.
Lots o’ tea – check.

26 responses to “realization

  1. Ohhhh, poor agent. Hope you feel better soon. Yay for being productive and sick at the same time, though.

  2. 😦
    Feel better soon.

  3. Aw, I hope you feel better soon!
    And, I hope you get some good reading done and find the manuscript of your dreams as repayment for working through your icky day.

  4. Oh..O. Now that the writers know that: aren’t you afraid of those nutcases that will now hire some vodoo enhcantress to spell you sick all the time so you’d get more reading done;)?
    I wish good health on everybody, but, maybe if you find a winner, sickness will finally be vindicated.
    Seriously Health and some fun to you

  5. Get better…a warm breakfast and a big glass of OJ works for me!

  6. Sorry to hear that you’re under the weather.

  7. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Hope you’re feeling better soon.
    Note to self: next manuscript, less Chinese food, more chicken soup.

  9. I hope you get well soon, Jennifer! :*)

  10. Just remember — a wee dram of whisky’ll often cure what ails you. (Emphasis on ‘wee’; nobody deserves a cold AND a hangover.)

  11. Aw, that sucks.
    Feel better!

  12. I can relate. Maybe we can declare this send-a-sick-agent-chicken-soup week. Feel better.

  13. One hope you feel better… check.

  14. Get well soon. I think everyone is coming down with a nasty cold right now.

  15. Oh, poor agent! Feel better! *hugs*

  16. Other than the warm blanket (which I’m sure you could sneak into the office)…what’s the difference between this and a regular work day?

    • I almost never have time to read during a regular work day. Most of the reading many agents (and editors) do is at night and on weekends. The work day itself usually consists of correspondence, phone calls, marketing projects, reviewing contracts and royalty statements, etc. etc.

  17. Hope you feel better!
    And thanks so much for the note on my blog. I’m a faithful lurker here.

  18. Chiming in with a delivery of cyber-chicken soup. Hope you feel much better soon.
    Cheers and best wishes,
    Jean Marie

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