link salad (client edition)

squirrel_monkey AKA Ekaterina Sedia points out that Paper Cities: An Anthology of Urban Fantasy is now available. I’ve read approximately half the stories in this one so far and I’m really enjoying it.

jaylake expands on his idea about authorial style.

Liaden Universe InfoDump No. 67 : in which rolanni AKA Sharon Lee reveals the publication schedule for the reissue of the Liaden backlist and adds that Baen will be publishing a new Liaden book, a sequel to Scout’s Progress.

If you’d like an autographed bookplate for the new Retrievers novel, suricattus AKA Laura Anne Gilman makes this offer: “As many of you know, I adore indie bookstores, and love to give ’em plugs (especially Pandemonium in MA, and Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego!). In fact, if you buy FREE FALL at an independent bookstore, and send me a scan or copy of the proof of purchase, I’ll not only send you a signed bookplate for it, but a sneak peek at the first chapter of BLOOD FROM STONE, a year ahead of everyone else!. Yes, even all y’all outside of the United States. This offer good through July 1 2008

And, in case you missed it, Jim Butcher’s Small Favor (The Dresden Files, Book 10) was released last week and he went on a mini-tour to sign copies. You can read about personal encounters and see pictures at the following links:

One response to “link salad (client edition)

  1. So this is why my traffic went up 🙂
    (It was fun seeing my post linked on a blog I had on my RSS reader. Made me feel like a cool kid.)

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