happy release day to Jim Butcher

On sale today: Jim Butcher’s Small Favor, the 10th novel in the Dresden Files series!

Intricate yet accessible plotting and near-Arctic winter weather mark the 10th Harry Dresden adventure from bestseller Butcher (after 2007’s White Night). A friendly snowball fight opens the Chicago-based wizard-detective’s latest tale, but it’s not long before a host of more dangerous foes are out for Harry’s blood. A missing human mobster is said to be seeking greater influence among Chicago’s extranormal population, but the true threat proves both more subtle and of much greater consequence. Butcher smoothly manages a sizable cast of allies and adversaries, doles out needed backstory with crisp efficiency and sustains just the right balance of hair’s-breadth tension and comic relief. Encounters with a series of increasingly dangerous Billy Goats Gruff unfold with particular cleverness, and key developments involving Sgt. Karrin Murphy, Harry’s reluctant police liaison, will intrigue seasoned fans as well as newcomers attracted by last year’s TV adaptation of the series. —Publishers Weekly


I understand Jim is signing the book today at the University Bookstore in Seattle, and thereafter in some other locations.

5 responses to “happy release day to Jim Butcher

    *falls over*
    And I remember when he was just a wee lad playing Amber online… 🙂

  2. Hurray for Jim!
    SMALL FAVOR is pretty awesome, so I hope that lots and lots of people pick up a copy this week.

  3. It’s even availble for the Kindle right away. Tres cool!

  4. (happy sigh)
    It was well worth the wait. Please convey my sincere and heartfelt thanks to him for an absolutely lovely roller-coaster ride of a story, if you kindly would.

  5. I had the pleasure of meeting Jim last night at a book signing in Beaverton, OR. He did an awesome job!!
    Can’t wait to read my shiny new copy of Small Favor…

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