Donald Maass Literary Agency welcomes Mary Robinette Kowal

This is my fourth new client of the year.

Mary Robinette Kowal has had short fiction appear in Strange Horizons, Cosmos and CICADA. She is the art director of Shimmer. She is a current finalist for the Campbell Award and you can read some of her short fiction via the links here.

You can read her journal here and the livejournal version at maryrobinette.

26 responses to “Donald Maass Literary Agency welcomes Mary Robinette Kowal

  1. welcome, MRK!
    I think that O.S. needs an under-sidekick, just to keep the office up on the filing and message-taking….

  2. Yay Mary Robinette! She’s so great!

  3. Since the spam filter over on her blog apparently doesn’t like me, I’ll just congratulate you both over here.

    • I found you! You were between an ad for valium and hot teenage chicks.
      I have to tell you that when I first saw your name on Facebook, I thought, “Michael Curry? The puppeteer?” The sorted out that you belonged to the other side of my creative life.
      And thank you!!!

      • Thanks for saving me from my overly-interesting spot in the spam pile.
        I think the closest I get to the puppetry side of things is being friends with someone (Susan McKeown) who sang in the Mabou Mines production of Peter & Wendy. And knowing Johnny Cunningham too, who was also part of the production.
        Welcome to the Jackson cabal!

      • Sounds like we both have great news to celebrate tonight! Congratulations!

  4. YAY!
    I love her short fiction! Good job!

  5. Holy jeez! Congratulations, crazy but best agent!

  6. Great stuff! Yay for you and Mary!

  7. Thank you for the welcome! I’m tremendously excited.

  8. OMG that’s amazing! Mary is amazing, which makes you two an excellent match 🙂

  9. Congratulations again Mary!

  10. Congrats to Mary.
    yay Shimmery people!

  11. Wowzers! Congrats to both author and agent!

  12. Congratulations to both Mary and Jennifer! :*)

  13. Congrats to you both!
    I zipped over to the website and read For Solo Cello op. 12. WOW was that amazing. So haunting and well-crafted and just, wow.

  14. I’m delighted to see her join our wacky family! Welcome, Mary!

  15. Congratulations to both of you! I hope it’s a successful, productive, and fun relationship.

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