link salad (client edition)

matociquala slays me with the latest edition of Cat vs. Monkey Giant Dog. I think this may be one of the very same dogs that terrorized me by going to sleep on the floor next to me at Bear’s birthday party last year. I’m with Cat on this one no matter how genteel Giant Dog might like to appear.

Over at, there’s info about the upcoming limited edition of Storm Front. I have it on the hush-hush that a quarter of the run is already gone in pre-orders.

Laura Anne Gilman AKA suricattus scores a starred review from Publishers Weekly for the next Retrievers Book, Free Fall: “With streamlined prose, Gilman deftly weaves intricate plot threads and complex relationships into an almost painful buildup of violent suspense. The result is an intelligent and utterly gripping fantasy thriller, by far the best of the Retrievers series to date.” [rest of review]

Jo Ann Ferguson aka Jocelyn Kelley explains why prologues need passion. (I agree. I find myself often giving the advice to authors to drop their prologue; many times because it’s just extra evidence of a story beginning in the wrong place and these pages detract rather than add to the narrative.)

One response to “link salad (client edition)

  1. And speaking of Jim, he’s going to be here in Seattle come April. Team Seattle* already has plans in the works to kidnap him for goofing off … heh heh heh.
    * That’s me, and the folks in the first link-salad paragraph of my Norwescon post.

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