Match It For Pratchett

repeated from yesterday because I thought it could use its own entry:

* No, Terry Pratchett is not one of my clients. (I wish.) But several of my clients have linked to the Match It for Pratchett and jaylake is getting together with the good people of the Northwest Science Fiction Society to run a matching campaign at Norwescon this coming weekend. Even if you can only spare a couple of dollars ,give up that morning latte and donate. I’m going to make a donation myself as he has brought me much reading enjoyment over the years. Also– to the person reading this blog that makes the highest donation by midnight on Saturday, the 22nd (and sends me some verification thereof), I will read and review your synopsis plus 50 (or so) pages of a work-in-progress (limited to novel-length fiction in the adult/YAgenre categories I actually represent). You can go directly to (the tipjar on the Match It site) and make a donation. You can send verification to jjackson [at]

10 responses to “Match It For Pratchett

  1. I’ve posted a link to this in Julie Czerneda’s SFFNet newsgroup–many newbies and other interested parties visit there. Hope that’s ok.

  2. I got this from (I think that’s where it actually started), and donated that way.
    I’ve since cross-posted the link to Match It for Pratchett in every community I can think of, on Facebook (did you know there is a Facebook group for it?), on mySpace, and on LibraryThing, as well as emailing everyone I can think of.
    I think your idea is wonderful!

  3. Would you consider posting the highest dollar amount received for your donation challenge sometime before your end-of-workday on Friday? It would give some of us a ballpark of what to shoot for when we make our Saturday contribution! (e.g. “Highest donation received by Friday noon was $xxx.).
    Your donation challenge is a wonderful way to raise funds for a worthwhile cause. Thank you!

  4. Thank You
    My father suffered from early onset of Alzheimer’s and later died of complications of the disease. Research is greatly needed, and this is a wonderful thing.
    Thank you, Jennifer,

  5. Hi! Great idea, brilliant and generous!
    …but mostly I’m commenting just to say hi and explain I’ve just friended you after following the link from ‘s journal and finding a fascinating agent’s blog which I want to keep following. Absolutely no obligation to friend back, of course — my LJ is more of a personal journal and of no real interest to people who don’t already know me.

  6. missed the deadline…damnit…wanted to bid $100 for it, but thought deadline was next sat. 😦

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