bon mot

Agent: Are you ready to read queries?!?!?
Official Sidekick: I was born ready. I just didn’t know it.

6 responses to “bon mot

  1. Poor, poor sidekick. 🙂
    (This was my first thought remembering the level of queries sent to Miss Snark’s crap-o-meter…)

  2. I was almost expecting the response to be
    Official Sidekick: (looks at the stacks of badly packaged envelopes and runs from the room screaming)
    So much props to OS for stepping up to the challenge. 😉

  3. Thank you for sharing that.
    (And I also think the best thing for a writer to learn is that there is humanity on the other side of this exchange. So it was instructional, too?)

  4. It sounds amazingly like Pinky and The Brain.

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