What DMLA is looking for….

Our March/April feature is: Science Fiction and Fantasy. Take a look.

8 responses to “What DMLA is looking for….

  1. A science fiction novel that is really a dynastic epic set on another world, with grand characters, secret cabals, betrayal, outcasts, economic conflict, drugs and arms, previously unknown creatures and enormous destinies played out on a huge scale. The next Dune.
    NOW will you agree to read my 300,000-word Fading Suns MS?!?! 😉

  2. I would totally read most of those.

  3. So how long before people actually send you stuff like this? Do you ever get stuff that matches your wish list? Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

  4. My wife will be sending Don a query, due to the serendipity of finding a near-exact description of her novel on his wants list.
    I, sadly, must wait until mine is finished.

  5. I really like reading the “what we’re looking for this month” page.
    It also gives a little insight to each agent’s individual tastes — a better clue of who to pitch a query to rather than a blanket house query.

  6. Thank God! What I have is NOTHING like any of that! 😀

  7. I think the only thing my manuscript has in common with those wish lists is that it’s a YA urban fantasy…but I’m going to query anyway! Yahoo!

  8. According to the website, if you don’t know who to send your query and sample to, you should send it to Maass, and all the agents will review. Does this mean, that you all read it and decide who should respond and/or who is interested or you just assign it to someone to read and respond and only that person sees it? Thank you.

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