happy release day!

Tangled Webs : the latest novel featuring the Blood. “In Bishop’s bewitching latest Black Jewels adventure, a tour of an old house becomes a hellish matter of life and death. Lady Surreal SaDiablo receives an invitation to preview the silly, spooky house that Queen Jaenelle Angelline has created to parody myths about the magically gifted Bloods, and she persuades her friend and fellow magic user Warlord Prince Rainier to join her. The only snag is that Jaenelle didn’t send the invitation. Crazed, jealous novelist Jarvis Jenkell has discovered his Blood heritage and developed his own haunted house with the goal of trapping other Bloods and using their travails to inspire his fiction. As Surreal, Rainer and several local children struggle to escape Jenkell’s deadly snare, Jaenelle’s husband, Daemon Sadi, and Sadi’s half-brother, Lucivar, must call upon all their Craft skills to free the trapped. With feverish pacing and terrifying twists, Bishop’s surefire spell craft will leave readers’ hearts pounding.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Kindred Spirits : The Nethercott sisters-China, Jade, and Sian-recently lost their beloved father, who believed in ghosts with all his heart. Still, China is shocked when she sees a ghost in a Roman centurion’s garb. Quintus Valerius is cursed to remain on earth until he can save one of his descendants from murder-work that has been done in vain, until now. With the help of China, he intends to save Alexander, Major Lord Braddock. Although Alexander balks at taking advice and protection from a ghost and a woman, China still can’t keep herself from thinking of the handsome war hero in some very improper ways. But she’s soon to learn the second half of the curse that Quintus forgot to mention: China’s destiny may be tied to Alexander’s-and equally deadly.

Read Jade’s story: Lost in Shadow, in which a ghost asks her to catch his murderer, whom she fears she may be falling for…. “Mixing a Regency romp with a classic gothic plot and a liberal dose of steamy sensuality, Lost in Shadow should be a real find for romance readers.” –Booklist

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