Janet Kagan (1946-2008)

I’d say rest in peace, but I don’t think your spirit is the type for resting. Thank you for the books and stories you wrote. You were one of the people who first made me a fan of science fiction and fantasy.

3 responses to “Janet Kagan (1946-2008)

  1. Oh no! Hellspark is one of my favorite SF novels ever!
    So sad.

  2. Jennifer for electronic queries, do most agents prefer for the contact information (adress, # etc) to be at the bottom after the query and not at the top?

    • I don’t think it matters whether it’s at the top or the bottom. I just think it’s smart if it appears at all. Most people don’t include any alternate contact information, so if you want to ask for a submission but your email bounces, both the agent and the writer are then out of luck at that point.

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