I feel so international

So far this year I have done translation deals for Czech, French, Russian, Polish, and Spanish. Today I already have books/manuscripts packed up to go out to Brazil, Vietnam, Portugal and The Netherlands. I feel like I have book-reading friends all around the world!

5 responses to “I feel so international

  1. Wow that’s pretty amazing. It must be great for your authors. Their words reach more people in languages they understand. It’s all very exciting.

  2. (Oh, Vienna Teng! Great music!)
    First off–congratulations!
    Secondly, I have a question. I hear about translations and deals being made in other countries from agents here contacting agents abroad,(though perhaps you work by a different method, I’m not sure), but are -you- ever contacted by agents abroad about translations here or does it never work that way?
    I guess my question in actuality is this – How do foreign authors become published in the United States? I sometimes see books by German fantasy authors translated here in the States.

    • DMLA has on occasion had the foreign associates we work with send projects our way. In the American market, most things that are translated seem to be literary works rather than genre works, though.

  3. Congratulations to you and your authors! :*)

  4. Don’t forget German! ;->

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