link salad (client edition)

* The first four chapters of Small Favor, the next book in Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files are available online here. And you can pre-order a signed copy here.

* Patricia Bray staged a Peep murder, complete with police reports. (I currently have Peeps in cryogenic suspension awaiting the day that science can resurrect them.)

* The first episode of Shadow Unit is live.

* Laura Anne Gilman’s thoughts about the current SFWA presidential bids.
She also has her story “Rodeo” available online free.

* Jay Lake’s “The Soul Bottles” available for free online. This piece forms the backstory for Night Shade Press novel Trial of Flowers and its upcoming sequel, Madness of Flowers.

* Kameron Hurley celebrates the sale of her first novel.

* Ekaterina Sedia is excited about this article in the UK Guardian which mentions The Secret History of Moscow (and others).

* Cherie Priest’s contribution to the growing body of literature about zombies. (And since she conveniently used the Emily Dickinson pattern, you can set it to the tune of “Yellow Rose of Texas” — thanks to mcurry for that bit of knowledge.)

7 responses to “link salad (client edition)

  1. Haha! Thanks. And FWIW — it also works with the Gilligan’s Island theme song. Fer real.

  2. But but but… Peeps Cannot Die!

  3. Carol Culver
    And on Friday I’m going to have an interview with your author, Carol Culver, on my website.

  4. Don’t know where got that, but I learned it as a way to quickly identify unknown Dickinson poetry in College Bowl…

  5. Carol Culver’s interview
    Hi. Your client, Carol Culver, has her interview is up on my website now. And bonus, she seems to be answering questions if anyone has any for her. Just leave a comment.

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