link salad (client edition)

* Elizabeth Bear plugs OWW — I’ve had more than one client come out of this excellent workshop, and met a number of fascinating writers at conventions because of it too.

* C.E. Murphy AKA mizkit mentions she’ll be working on a story for a Subterranean Press anthology. And it looks look I will be getting my vote for a Janx and Daisani short story – they are characters from her new series: first book, Heart of Stone (The Negotiator Trilogy, Book 1).

* The unthinkable has happened. jaylake did not recognize one of his own stories. This explains the reports in the Pacific Northwest of flying pigs too.

* The first poster for the Dresden Files comic did so well that there will be a second. Order here. You can also read the first chapter of the new Dresden Files novel, Small Favor (The Dresden Files, Book 10), due out in April. Also, On March 8th, the Sci-Fi Channel is finally broadcasting the unaired pilot of Dresden Files in the US!

* Alison Kent has some words to say about a book that helps her with her writing life: Lynn Viehl’s Way of the Cheetah. [Out of curiousity, what other books do people recommend and why?]

* Lori Avocato is going to be a guest on a on a live talk radio show next week Feb 8 from 11:30 am to 12 noon EST.

10 responses to “link salad (client edition)

  1. I recommend Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones. It’s 20 years’ old now, but there’s always some insight I can take from it. It’s written in a very spare, simple style – unsurprising as Goldberg is a practising Zen Buddhist, and she brings a lot of that to her writing about writing… It’s not the most practical book for novelists, and yet there’s wisdom on every page that you can apply to novel-writing. Things like remembering original detail (don’t just say “tree”, say what kind of tree – that sort of thing), or how to create more original imagery/metaphors…
    Each short chapter of this slim book is like a meditation on writing – the bare bones of the craft – and I’ve loved it since I first read it a decade ago.

  2. On sober reflection, I am somewhat surprised that I recognized and remembered all the other 200+ stories on that list…

  3. Don’t forget Backup by Jim Butcher from Subterranean too!

  4. I adore Dwight Swain’s Techniques of the Selling Writer. It’s very mechanical/commercial fiction oriented (and a bit dated with its language, including the odd sexist/racist comment here or there). It’s pretty densely written, and I’ve seen some people complain that it’s too formulaic, but in terms of usable tools to turn “a bunch of stuff that happens” into a compelling story, it’s one of the best out there (and I’ve read nearly all of them.) Grasping the concept of “Motivation Reaction Units” alone is worth the price of admission, and totally transformed (in a good way) my own writing. And I’d recommend any author read the chapter “Plain Facts about Feelings”.

  5. The books that I own and that were suggested to me, were: Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style,” Joseph Campbell’s “Hero With a Thousand Faces,” and “Self-editing for Fiction Writer,” by Renni Browne and another author. They are all very useful in a multitude of ways…

  6. I must say that I greatly admire Chris Roerden’s recent Don’t Murder Your Manuscript. It’s one of the best nuts-and-bolts books on writing I’ve read, by a very experienced editor (of mysteries in particular). It won an Agatha award, among others accolades (Writer’s Digest alternate pick, I believe).
    Later this year there’s going to be an expanded, cross-genre edition called Don’t Sabotage Your Submissions. The first line of my current WIP is going to appear in that, but I’ve been recommending Roerden’s book since well before that came to pass. Definitely worth a read, if you haven’t read it already.

  7. Off topic, but you missed one of my Locus recommended recommendations… — “C-Rock City” with Greg van Eekhout, in the short story list.

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