Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle, Issue 1

In the new issue of Diamond Comic Distributors Previews catalog, which was released this week, there was ordering info for the first issue of the Dresden Files comic. As it is being released by a small publisher, Dabel Brothers Productions LLC, some comic shops might not stock it. So below is the catalog number that you would need to bring to any shop to get them to order you a copy. It’s a 40 page #1 (the average comic is 32), and retails at $3.99.

[The bold code is the Diamond number.]

I’ve read the script for this, which Jim wrote himself, and loved the story. It’s an original story; never been published anywhere else. Can’t wait to see the comic!

Jim has a preview page with artwork here.

One response to “Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle, Issue 1

  1. Oooh! *makes a note to tell her local shop to order it*
    *sigh* I enjoy that style of art, but it always makes me simultaneously happy and sad. On the one hand, there’s a lot of beauty to it, but on the other hand it always reads to me as kinda stale. It’s like it was once this glorious and alive thing, but now the spirit has moved on leaving just a statue behind. It remains pretty to look at, but somehow I’m never truly engaged by it. For me this is true of all comics using that style, not just this one, but mine is probably a relatively rare opinion about that and so not to be given much credence.
    The writing, I am certain, will more than make up for any lingering sadness in the art.

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