this week’s query round-up

# of queries read this week: 193
# of partials requested: 2
genres of partials requested: speculative fiction (1), romance-historical (1)

I have now read queries up to and including those that arrived on my desk by the 15th of this month. If you’re sure yours arrived before that date, and you don’t have my response by email or snailmail by the middle of next week (they’ll be going out by end of business today), it either (1) got lost in the mail/ether, or (2) didn’t include an SASE/bounced back.

Things I really hated about queries this week: 4-point type-sizes (I kid you not, she said blindly); pink italic html (yes, pink).

5 responses to “this week’s query round-up

  1. 4-point type-sizes (I kid you not, she said blindly); pink italic html (yes, pink).
    At what point when printing 4-point font do you say, “this is good. This will make Agent_X happy.”
    “Ahh this pink, pink font will look professional and uber-schnazzy on my 100% cotton bond watermarked paper.” — that will be stamped with a big red “R!”

  2. Give me plain text or give them death!

  3. 4 point and pink? Couldn’t they find a font that was rainbow colors and blinked? Pikers!

  4. Yuck! There’s a special place in HTMHell for people who use pink italics in email. I second the plain text demand above.

  5. 4-point is pretty bad. I’ve received things in extra large sizes, but the thought process behind making a query too small doesn’t make sense. Even if you’re a newbie don’t know the rules, bigger is always better.

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