link salad (client edition) plus bonus what DMLA is looking for now

What We’re Looking For this Month: the agents at DMLA expand on their individual 2008 wish-lists (which obviously don’t include that perfect novel that we havent realized we desperately want)

Earlier this week, Jay Lake had some thoughts about forward-thinking as it related to accepting or declining a deal.

Lori Avocato on her transformation from nurse to writer and tips on life transitioning

11 responses to “link salad (client edition) plus bonus what DMLA is looking for now

  1. It would be kind of neat to read a follow-up to this letting us know which of the dream novels showed up. Although it might be sad if the answer was none. But I wanna read some of those.

    • Well, there’s one in the electronic slushpile *right now* that might fit one item on the list…
      but will he love it enough?
      I shall find out.

      • I’m afraid my item in the slushpile doesn’t fit anywhere on that list. I suppose I’ll just have to hope it falls under the “perfect novel that we haven’t realized we desperately want” category.
        Good luck to you on yours, green_knight!

  2. Would it be possible to get an RSS feed set up for these? (And maybe archives?) As long as you’re posting links every time a new one goes up I guess it’s okay, but I know I won’t remember to look regularly if you stop.

    • I’m going to try to always post an update on this blog when there’s a new set. But I don’t think there’s anyway to do a feed without using blog software which the main site doesn’t have installed.

  3. Please, when you find the new Fine and Private Place, yell loudly at me. That is my favorite Beagle book.
    Yes, I would try to write it if I had the time.

  4. Question about What We’re Looking For
    If someone is working on a first novel* which fits one of the What We’re Looking For categories, is it acceptable to drop a polite query by e-mail saying ‘I believe my project fits these parameters, and I will tell you why in 100 words’ if the ms isn’t finished yet? I understand completely if not, especially for a debut novel.
    *Not counting the drawer mss, of course.

    • Re: Question about What We’re Looking For
      In the case of a debut novel, I recommend having a completed manuscript. Competition is so tough these days that having a manuscript in hand definitely makes your chances of landing both an agent and a publishing contract stronger when it comes to a new author. With regard to our “what we’re looking for” — just because the month ends does not mean that our interests necessarily do. You can still query on that same type of project later down the road.

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