struck me as amusing….

…when I logged into my work email this morning to find Amazon had sent me a recommendation that I should buy Jim Butcher’s Captain’s Fury (Codex Alera Book 4) based on my previous purchase record. Hee.

4 responses to “struck me as amusing….

  1. Jim Butcher ROCKS!
    So much talent. His blog posts on Craft should be a book of their own, Ms. Jackson.
    Jim’s blogs on writing are among the top five best compendiums on Craft I’ve read. (And I’ve read A LOT of them.)

  2. I’ve gotten helpful emails from them informing me that my new book is coming out soon and I should really preorder it. I forwarded that one to my entire family and all of my friends.

  3. That was quite amusing. Did Jim get a kick out of it as well? :*)

  4. Huh. Really? I wonder if he’s any good…. ::degenerates into laughter::
    I wonder how long it’ll be before the recommend the next Dresden book to you too. 🙂

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