now showing on the DMLA website

What We’re Looking for this Month…. in single title romance

Feel free to disseminate the link. Comments welcome (and even encouraged).

10 responses to “now showing on the DMLA website

  1. Single title romance? A romance novel that stands alone and is not part of a packaged line-up or specially promoted series, right?

  2. A time travel romance in which both protagonists travel through the ages—and never meet.
    I want to read this too.

  3. Hi. I have a question. It’s a weird one, and it’s very specific to the book I’ve written so it will be impossible to answer, but it’s eating at me and I was thinking that you might be able to at least tell me to shut up so I can move on with my life.
    The book I wrote has three aspects to it:
    1. Chick lit with a European twist
    2. A story of one girl’s adventures that will inspire readers to live their dreams
    3. A “the silvery olive leaves glimmer in the sunlight as I wistfully gaze out over the ruins” kind of book
    However, I don’t want my query letter to seem like, “My book is anything you want it to be, please pick me,” nor do I want to push one of these aspects, have someone ask to submit a portion of it, and then have them be like, “WTF this is nothing like you said.”
    So my question is:
    Based solely on this ridiculously small amount of information I have given you, would you say that my indecisiveness means I should work further on the book in order to make its focus on one of those aspects, or do you think there is a way to say it IS in fact all these things without saying “please pick me”?
    Lamest question ever, I know and I apologize. I just have no one to bounce this off of.

  4. “A stylish romance featuring an elusive free-spirit, a contemporary Holly Golightly.”
    It’s time for something with a little style.
    I just hope you don’t get too many quasi Holly Golightly characters. That would be such a shame.

  5. Question: If I have gotten a no-thanks to a query from one agent at your agency, is it a no from the whole office? My book features a free-spirited woman like the looking for asks, but it’s not solely about her and her romance, though she features heavily into the story. If I can requery, I might do so putting the emphasis on her character. Not to be phony, but to just highlight what might be a match. Thanks!

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