unsolicited advice concerning e-queries

* If you realize your query has bad formatting after your copy and paste attempt, don’t apologize for it in your letter. Fix it or send it by snailmail instead.

* Do not cc multiple agents.

* Do not send 5 megs of attachments when cc:ing multiple agents. (Actually, don’t send attachments at all unless they are requested.)

* Do not resend your query every 3-4 days until you get a reply. Unless the agency in question states a turnaround time of 3-4 days. (Our response time for queries averages 3 weeks from receipt or so our official website says.)

* Do be sure to get my name right.

* It’s hard to believe you can’t find our submission guidelines when you are emailing to an address of info at maassagency.com which includes our domain name which is also a website that includes information on how to submit to our agency.

8 responses to “unsolicited advice concerning e-queries

  1. * Do not cc multiple agents.
    There’s this little thing called bcc — that stands for BLIND carbon copy… which means the other recipients don’t see who else you’re sending it to. Just themselves.
    * Do be sure to get my name right.
    You mean I can’t call you J-Dawg? What if it’s Urban Fantasy— I mean, REALLY urban fantasy…

  2. Is this from a frustrating quey batch
    Or all from one person?

  3. Isn’t it hard to personalize an e-query using a BCC? Why not spend the extra twenty minutes at least changing the name of the person you are querying? Trying to get an agent is not a good time to try shortcuts. $0.02.

  4. Every game worth winning has rules.
    If a person takes the time to research and utilize the exact correct formats and standardized procedures for preparing and sending queries does that person tend to write “better” books?
    Have you experienced a correlation?
    A non-writer friend, who once proofed a query letter of mine, pointed out that each query letter should be approached as a job interview. That was an eye-opener for me. Now, I make sure my queries are the best they can be, and I triple read the submission guidelines.
    I own some really funny, creative, off-beat, irreverent, and interesting T-shirts; but I wouldn’t wear them on a job interview!

  5. Goofy question.
    Sorry if this a goofball question, Jennifer, but how to you make sure the email is snailmail? Is that an option to send when you compose? Not sure I’ve seen that option on my own account at comcast.

    • Re: Goofy question.
      I was a little confused by the question until I went back and read my own entry because “snailmail” is another term for the hardcopy post. Has that term fallen out of use?

      • Re: Goofy question.
        No, that’s what I was wondering. I think you answered my question. I thought snailmail was a hard copy post, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks.

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