Norman Mailer 1923-2007, RIP

Most people have already posted any thoughts they have on the passing of this literary great. My brush with him was peripheral. Over the course of several years, he referred three different projects to me. I didn’t end up thinking I was the right agent for any of those books but it was certainly meaningful to me that an author of his stature and talent thought highly enough of me to send people my way.

Gina Centrello put it this way and I think it’s a fitting tribute:
“Random House mourns the passing of Norman Mailer, whom we have published since 1984. To us, he was more than an American master and one of the greatest writers of our time. He was a consummate professional, who stimulated us with his passion and ideas and charmed us with his wit and warmth. Whenever he came into our offices, whether to deliver a manuscript or discuss a book jacket, he brought a bottomless love of literature and the written word.”

2 responses to “Norman Mailer 1923-2007, RIP

  1. Whomever you happen to be…. I could tell you stories about inspiration and staying power. I could tell you about Tom Clancy who got rejected many times before his first book was published by Naval Institute Press. I could tell you about one of my own clients and the book I just kept believing in even though it took me two and a half years to sell.

  2. Ah Well….
    To the anon who only sent out three queries: When you hear that publishing is subjective, that’s not only a trite cliche. I could rant about my own personal stories of rejection before getting published, I could rant about how “they” like to box you into a genre so I have to use various pen names, and I could rant about how many times I’ve sold a piece that had already been rejected at least once. But the point is you just can’t take a few negative responses seriously. And, just when you think you’ve done all you can…do something else.

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