what we’re looking for this month – feature on DMLA website

This month on the DMLA website: Quirky Detectives are what we are looking for. Click here to see what we’ve come up with. “This month we offer a list of quirky detectives we’d like to encounter in mystery manuscripts.  As usual, this list is not all that we’re looking for.  It is not intended to limit authors or encourage paint-by-the-numbers storytelling.  It is meant to stimulate thinking and discussion of what makes detectives strong and unique.”

Meanwhile, I am in recovery from WFC. I got back around 2am this morning.

10 responses to “what we’re looking for this month – feature on DMLA website

  1. I’d love to read some of these myself.

  2. That is such a genius idea. In fact, I’m currently having to strangle a voice in my head that’s trying to run away with that teen detective with criminal dad one. I think I’m losing.

    • I’m thinking it needs to be combined with the chess master theme. “Captain of chess team solves crime; dad guilty.”

      • Now were the perp his girlfriend, it would be “Captain of chess team solves crime; checks mate.”
        Wow, that joke never gets old….

        • And yet, I laugh. Except that the captain of a high school chess team probably doesn’t have a girlfriend… Oooh, but that should be why we’re suspicious of her! Why would pretty CindyLou Who want to date the geeky chess team captain? What secret is she hiding?

          • Except that the captain of a high school chess team probably doesn’t have a girlfriend…
            Huh? Why shouldn’t she have a girlfriend? Kids are coming out a lot younger these days.
            Okay, okay, chess club captain catches criminal caregiver we can sell. Lesbian [sorry…to keep the alliteration, I’d’ve had to go with overly colorful metaphors] chess club captain wouldn’t do as well in mainstream markets.
            Lest this continue too long and induce our hostess to throw something heavy at us, I’m going to concede. You were ahead on points anyway.

  3. Det. Serendipity would be pretty funny, but the first and last are the ones that appeal the most. I hope someone writes them.

  4. what’s the current market demand for erotic-horror comedies with a twist in the tail? am sure a quirky detective could fit in nicely there.
    This is a really neat idea, thank you for providing it.

  5. By some strange coincidence I’m actually in the process of revising a book with quirky detectives right now. (Although my book’s detectives are wwwaaayyy quirkier than the ones y’all listed. I guess that’s what happens when one does a mystery space opera crossover.)
    It would be cool to send you a query involving quirky detectives in a month when you are asking for quirky detectives, but I’m not sure my beta readers will get their comments back to me in time. 😦
    I’m curious. How many queries that fit your “what we are looking for” postings do you actually get? Because it just seems a little unlikely to me, that someone is just going to happen to have a book like the one you describe finished and ready to go, that they haven’t sent you a query for already.

  6. Holy smoke! I might actually have a story that fits! I remember when I saw last month’s list that I privately wondered what your crew had been smoking. So my quirky detective is an artist who gets caught up in a murder case by witnessing something. He has the most unique ability to remember details nearly perfectly, but only if he draws them.
    If last month, I thought the list was that weird — what does that say about me and my stories? Uh oh.

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