in honor of the day

My client Lucy Taylor has a podcast up for a story in Exotic Gothic. Hers is titled “Butsudan”

2 responses to “in honor of the day

  1. I loved listening to “Butsudan.” Does Ms. Taylor have any other Japanese flavored works out now (or forthcoming)? My Amazon search did not retrieve anything that sounded like it was in the same vein as that short story… but I would definitely be interested in more!

    • Butsudan
      Megan–I’m so pleased that you liked my story. I don’t have anything else with a Japanese setting at the moment, but I’m always open to suggestion, and I do love Japanese culture. I visited in the Fukuoka/Beppu area last year and hope to go back next summer, perhaps to Hokkaido. Thanks again for your comments. –Lucy Taylor

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