squeeeee x 2




More books!

Remember, in the post on the agent submission process that I indicated every sale was different? The first one here is an option deal for a spin-off urban fantasy series from the already successful Retrievers books (first one: Staying Dead). The second is the first novel (and four sequels) of a post-apocalyptic epic fantasy series. Completely different books. Completely different situations and approaches.

And the nice UPS man just delivered an ARC of Elizabeth Bear’s Dust. I will have such a hard time deciding what to read this weekend after I finish the new Jim Butcher Dresden Files novel that I got earlier in the week. Maybe if I just sleep even less so I have more time to read….

I am so blessed to be working with such talented and creative people.

I will raise a glass of single malt in honor of these authors and books tonight…

5 responses to “squeeeee x 2

  1. Congratulations all around. 🙂

  2. Conga-rats! Also, wooo!

  3. I am deeply proud of several people today, including your own bad self.

  4. *raising glass back*

  5. Go you!
    Them I congratulated on their own dern blogs.

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